USA Raft Dba Mountain Adventure Guides - They are rude and their guides all smoke pot prior to trips.

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USA RAFT dba Mountain Adventure Guides, all of there office staff is rude and acts as if you don't know anything.I called them to find out if they still will raft in the rain.

The lady at the Nantahala place was like "yea we raft in the rain you are going rafting so you will get wet anyhow" very snobby, when I told her goodbye I didn't hang up and heard her talking to someone else calling me a *** *** that doesn't think about anything.needless to say I didn't go there, use rolling thunder, thats who we used their guides are very smart and are amazing

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also a friend of mine went there and asked a guide where to park. my friend smelled a very strong whiff of pot, coming from that guide and from the camper he was by. that guy ended up being one of the guide for that trip.

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